About Me

"Dedicated to my personal family, walk with God, and the success of others."

As an Educational Psychologist, Michelle Smith has a history of teaching, counseling, volunteering, parenting, coaching, and loving people into Mental Wellness.  Currently, holding a Masters Degree in both Counseling Psychology & Educational Psychology, as well as a position as an Ordained Chaplain & Minister at a local Church, while supporting families in Northern California with assessments & interventions for sustaining educational placements in the academic settings…learning disabilities. 

Michelle is the Author of “Timeless Healing, Therapeutic Stories for Children” and is employed with a local school district.  Michelle believes we must modify our mindset to find ways to love our children into learning To share some insight with you today about self-care, please welcome  Michelle Smith, a Holistic, naturalpathic  Mental Health Clinician. 

Also, she is in the process of getting certified to teach Mindfulness & Meditation…Holistic and natural, learning self-care.